4 febbraio 2012

Boticca, I'd rather wear a unique story

Qualche tempo fa sono stata contattata dallo staff di Boticca, un online marketplace specializzato in gioielleria, borse e piccola pelletteria. Mi è stato proposto di rivolgere qualche domanda al loro style-hunting team e a una dei loro designer, YooLa, che mi ha molto colpita per le sue creazioni davvero eleganti e deliziosi.
Mi scuso con i lettori italiani, ma l'intervista è interamente in inglese e ho preferito non tradurre per non far perdere il senso. E' comunque molto facile capire, quindi spero che vi piaccia ;)

Some weeks ago I was contacted by Boticca staff, an online marketplace specialized in jewerly, bags and accessories.
I was able to interview their style-hunting team and YooLa, one of their designers, whom I've appreciated so much for her pieces, which are elegant and sophisticated.
The interview is entirely in english and I hope you like it!
Dances with wolves gold bangle by Gisele Ganne

Interview with Philippa Nash and Chiara Cirella, style-hunters for Boticca.com.
1) For what reason (or reasons, if there's more than one) you prefer a designer rather than another? Do you look for particular or special qualities, characteristics?
As a style-hunter it’s important not to let your own likes and preferences get in the way of your job. Instead, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. That said, obviously we do look for designers that fit the profile of Boticca, and some do more than others. Basically, if a designer is a good fit, it’s because their work is of a high standard, original, and there is a captivating story behind the designer and their work. This is what we look for the most- if the work is great, but there is no story or all of someone’s pieces are mass-produced with cheap materials, they are probably not right for Boticca.

2) Why did you decide to propose bags and accessories collections next to jewelry lines? Why did you not create an online marketplace only dedicated to jewelry?
We think that few sites offer the same concept- yet why wouldn’t you put accessories and jewelry together? To have everything in the same place, we just think it makes shopping for fun, one-off pieces that bit easier and overall, for a more enriched, curated experience.

3) Can you tell me the name of an emerging that in your opinion will become a really good jewelry designer?
All of our designers are already really good jewelry designers, they wouldn’t be on the site if they weren’t! Many have already received critical acclaim- Bundle MacLaren Milinery’s creations are stunning and she designed 15 hats for the Royal Wedding. Meanwhile, many of our designers continue to receive critical acclaim, often thanks to the help they receive from Boticca- we try to get them the exposure they deserve in the press. Eina Ahluwalia was picked by the World Gold Council as one of the hottest talents to watch out for, while Kate Moss has worn Enelle London’s initial necklace. Many of our designers have already acquired a significant celebrity following; it’s fantastic to help them succeed and get their name out there!
Plasma ring by Imogen Belfield
4) Boticca.com items have different prices and really different styles. Which is the audience, the target you are orientated to?
We aim to attract customers who don’t want to be seen in something that everyone else is wearing. A Boticca customer has an eye for quality and appreciates one-off, limited edition pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. They are seeking a more personal experience when they shop which is what we aim to give them; if they want a customised piece and to communicate with the designer, they can do so.

5) The Boticca.com slogan is "i'd rather wear a unique story". What do you mean with "unique story"? What is the uniqueness for Boticca.com?
‘Unique story’ refers to the inspiration or meaning behind a piece of jewelry or accessory. The more history or meaning behind a piece the more special it is for the wearer- the more individual it allows them to be; we believe accessories more so than clothes, are say a lot about a person and are a valuable indicator of how they want to be viewed, their self-expression.

6) In what Boticca.com is different from all other online marketplaces?
Unlike like other online marketplaces, Boticca is a curated marketplace; each designer must apply to sell on Boticca and adhere to the guidelines that we set in terms of the management and upkeep of their shop. No other website (to our knowledge) does this.
Mel Boteri tassel and chain Marissa shoulder bag
7) I really love jewelry, especially rings and earrings. Among the many pieces I've seen on Boticca.com, I've particularly appreciated creations by the designer YooLa. What is the concept behind her collection?
Well, you can ask the designer herself, or read about it on her page if you like! According to Yael Falk, the designer behind YooLa, she was inspired by her love 'to do things from scratch'. Being an industrial designer by profession, Yael wanted to do something where computers didn’t take over and she was in the driving seat. Yael is inspired by colour and turning raw materials into something valuable.
YooLa Trio bangles in white, gold and gray
YooLa Infinity wire crochet bracelet
8) What are the materials she prefers to realize her pieces of jewerly?
Metal wires, gold, silver, wire, copper, which are all then combined into a piece, which Yael hand knits herself, in her home, which functions as her workshop. She knits all over the house!

9) Among all her creations, is there a piece which she is particularly linked to, and if so, why?
That would be something you would have to ask Yael! Don’t be shy, that is the beauty of Boticca, simply go onto her designer page and get in touch with her directly!

10) Aside from Boticca.com, can we find YooLa designs in other e-commerces or boutiques? Does she have a flagship store?
Like many independent designers who are looking build their business, it’s important to be visible on as many platforms and outlets as possible. We understand that, and wholeheartedly support designers in their endeavour to grow, which is why we don’t make it mandatory for them to be exclusive to Boticca.
YooLa prehnite pillow crocheted charm necklace
YooLa smoky long dangle earrings, wire crochet
YooLa sunflower earrings

Visit Boticca to view more of the collection from earrings for women to the cocktail ring selection.
Thanks to Boticca and YooLa for their time!

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  1. orecchini neri sono molto carini lili un bacio

  2. Bellissima intervista, hanno dei prodotti davvero molto particolari!

    Sigma Beauty Giveaway!

    1. Grazie Ally! Anche io sono rimasta molto colpita :)

  3. molto interessante, adoro gli ultimi orecchini!! =)
    passa da me se ti va http://catseyesmf.blogspot.com/
    buona serata <3

  4. Ciao Greta, ottima intervista! Completa e dettagliata. E inoltre loro davvero gentili a rispondere con interesse e minuzia di particolari. Ottimo lavoro! ;)
    Alessandro - www.thefashioncommentator.blogspot.com

    1. Grazie Alessandro, sei sempre gentilissimo :)

  5. Great post! Hopefully you can stop by my blog sometime too!



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